Monday, November 16, 2015

The thing you can't teach or learn

I've been teaching my first art class at MICA. One thing I notice that is very clear -you cannot teach Drive.
Through teaching I was hoping to spark an interest in animation/art. A spark will die if not fanned, fed and cared for. It can never consume a life if time is not allowed to be poured into it.
I don't know the exact moment for me that art became my fire. It is a cliche but so true for me, I've always love drawing. English was my second language so picture is an easier form of communication. Lines, shapes and colors became my grammar. Pictures became my sentences. I always didn't know what to say and fumbled with my words but the desire to speak was always present.
I look at my students sometimes wanting to fan the spark for them. Wanting to force time into a spark that might not even be there. I see so much potential and talent behind their art. I cannot teach them the drive it will take to be an artist. I can only hope and watch.
Just need to continue to beat that rock and maybe some day something will happen. :)