Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pencil to Brush

I finished my final drawing. About to transfer it to the wood panel (24 x 36). Will probably do a quick color study to figure out if the color scheme in my head will actually work. 
Still working out my painting process. There are so many ways to paint. I stoppped reading and watching videos on it. Decided I know enough to make intelligent mistakes and eventually find my way.    

#2 pencil on plain white paper (8.5x11)

 #2 Pencil Sketchbook 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Picture Book vs Short Film

Winnie (my wife) and I were talking about my painting class. 

"I like it when you are painting," Winnie says.
"You seem more relaxed... happier"
"Well painting's fun"
"You should continue painting"
"I need to finish my short film"
I stare blankly at her for bit. "I want to tell my story"
"Why don't you tell it through a picture book?"
"Because... "
"You animate all day at work in front of the computer. You want to go home and do the same thing?"
"When you paint you're moving around"
"There are no technical or creative hurdles to worry about when painting"

"Man you are so lucky you married me," I told my Winnie.
"If you didn't marry me who would you say these smart things to?"

Basically I will not be making a short film for my MFA thesis. Instead a picture book. I will be telling the same story through painted images -think of a comic book filled with paintings. 

Here is one of the characters from a film that could have been. I used Photoshop, Mudbox and Maya to model and texture.

Rough Sketch of my next painting.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


A lot of things have been going on:
- I've taken a painting class which has renewed my love for traditional art.
- I'm working on a short film that I will slowly show you all.
- Going back to school for my MFA, there are many reasons why. I will not bore you now but will later.
- Just shipped another game (Elder Scrolls Online).

As you can see I will be posting a lot more.

Here is what I turned in for my final in the painting class. I can't say enough... the class has been inspiring! I don't think I can put down my paint brush again.

Acrylic on 24x48 inch panels