Tuesday, May 20, 2014


A lot of things have been going on:
- I've taken a painting class which has renewed my love for traditional art.
- I'm working on a short film that I will slowly show you all.
- Going back to school for my MFA, there are many reasons why. I will not bore you now but will later.
- Just shipped another game (Elder Scrolls Online).

As you can see I will be posting a lot more.

Here is what I turned in for my final in the painting class. I can't say enough... the class has been inspiring! I don't think I can put down my paint brush again.

Acrylic on 24x48 inch panels


  1. Your talent is a gift from God, Young. Love the blog idea and the updates. An art class can be very inspiring. Your pencil sketches--graphite on paper(?) are equally beautiful to the painted results. Is it acrylic on canvas or heavy paper? (Michael moved to acrylics years ago too). Your imagery is incredible--mythical, strong and dramatic.

  2. Thanks Solina! The sketches were done with a mechanical pencil and regular paper. The painting was done with acrylic on pressed wood (24 x 48 inches).
    I use acrylic mainly because of time. Waiting for paint to dry is tough when ideas are flowing. Acrylic is also more pet friendly.

  3. Yeah, I noticed the saturation of acrylics on your medium was different than what I've seen on canvas... from Michael's work. Yes, everything you've said about working with acrylics is the same I've heard from Michael...it started with classes for him too at Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL (which also excels in a computer animation program there). He didn't have to deal with fumes too, as with oil, so he could just paint in his office and not worry about ventilation. It was interesting to watch his experimentation of with it...mainly acrylic on canvas. I've dabbled lightly with acrylics but on fabric. Do you just start painting and use your sketches as reference or do you re-draw or project to your medium? You have a title on the lion and the lamb piece, with the man in the sport coat and shirt and a wolf at his neck?

  4. I emailed you my thoughts on the paintings too long for a comment. There is no title really on the pieces yet. Still trying to figure out what the series will be about.