Friday, October 4, 2013

Learning with beers and bugs

I'm trying to learn a storyboarding software. So many buttons, trying to learn the logic of the layout has been tough. I was going through the tutorials last night. I was doing fine then I had a beer. Now I was really cooking things began to click. I had one more beer. Things started to slow down. I began to wonder why is the guys on the video tutorial talking to me like I was a child. Felt like he is belittling me, stretching out his words, repeating phrases unnecessarily. Then I had another beer. I stared at the video tutorial and the invisible teacher. Deciding I don't need his condescending words I will learn on my own. Who is he to tell me what to do, he doesn't even show his face on the video. So I drunkenly fumble through the interface. Hitting buttons at random wondering what they did, opening and closing windows like I would a kitchen cabinet looking for food.  10 solid american minutes of this the layout is unrecognizable. In my drunken state there was only one thing to do. Shut it down and go use the laboratory.  
Tonight there will be no beers during the tutorials. Maybe one or two after.

Here is a drawing I did a couple of weeks ago of my producer talking about all the bugs in our game. This was what I saw when words were coming out of his mouth.

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