Friday, June 13, 2014


I have been struggling this week. Why? Been studying Rembrandt and Caravaggio paintings to see how they use light. Wanted to create the same dramatic feel for my painting. The more I studied their work, the more I realize how far away I am. My painting was flat, busy and crappy in comparison.
Ever feel overwhelmed with the prospect of failure? This is normal for me when I try something new. Whatever sickness I have, I keep doing this.
After having some beers in a fetal position, I emailed some friends for help. One of them, Tim Coman, did a paintover of my painting. You can see what he did below. He told me about "Simplifying values." It made totally sense to me -now I know what I had to do. Smart guy!
Now I'm excited for the weekend. I will post what I have on Monday.  

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