Sunday, August 3, 2014


I've finished my thumbnails for my illustrated book. Most of the pages came from my storyboards when it was going to be a short film. Will not be posting those drawings any time soon... maybe in the back of the book. The number of pages currently is 48. I'm hoping to get it down to about 32. The story will dictate the final number. I'm so enjoying drawing with my imagination and not worried about the technical constraints of making a 3D film with limited resources. You can't get any more simple than a pencil and paper.
Here is my first pass of the title page and page 01. This is not final -more editing ahead. For now I'm enjoying the journey. Hope you enjoy seeing these pencil sketches.

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  1. Absolutely love...full of imagination. Dream like. Really like the style of your characters...the emotion conveyed from the boy in page 1 from his thoughts/reflections ...nice. The family floating on a tea pot, g'pa fishing from it...